How to Build a Life – Guarantee Success

May 27th, 2013Posted by admin

Click here to play on Vimeo. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor recently addressed the Yale Law School graduating class of 2013. While her message was directed toward law students preparing for a major life transition, her simple wisdom is invaluable for anyone striving to find success both personally and professionally.   All references to lawyering have been parsed […]

20 New Year Resolutions in 11 Weeks

April 11th, 2013Posted by admin

I.  The Beginning   I recently decided to undertake a personal experiment, and it completely rocked my world in the best possible way.  I’m sharing the results because I’ve found that this approach A) works for me, unlike many other approaches I’ve tried in the past, and B) it has also worked for family, and […]

Challenge 76: Information Awareness

June 29th, 2011Posted by admin

We’d like to extend a special welcome to 3 new challengers this week.  The BestMe was founded by a small group of individuals who decided to squeeze more out of life, seventy-six weeks later we’re still growing strong! We’ve discussed the idea of “uniqueness” in many forms, and for good reason.  We live in a […]

Challenge 75: Embrace the New

June 20th, 2011Posted by admin

We continually stress the importance of change, and new experiences, but why?  What’s wrong with routines and a comfortable lifestyle?  These aren’t simply rhetorical questions, give them some though for a moment.  A certain amount of routine is necessary… it wouldn’t make very much sense to learn a completely new way to tie our shoes […]

Challenge 74: Cognitive Bias

June 13th, 2011Posted by admin

Have you ever purchased a new car, only to find that you notice the same model everywhere you drive?  Perhaps you’ve purchased a new article of clothing, and suddenly you run into two or people wearing the EXACT same thing?  This kind of occurrence is not uncommon, there’s an underlying phenomenon at work, and it […]

Challenge 73: Knowledge Isn’t Power

June 7th, 2011Posted by admin

Every week we begin with inspirational words to elicit the proactive realization of the greatest version of ourselves.  A new perspective that allows us to see what we already know in a different light, or evoke a new-found confidence, can become powerful enough to spark revolutions.  Indeed, it has.  Francis Bacon famously remarked that “knowledge […]

Challenge 72: Overcoming Boredom

May 31st, 2011Posted by admin

What does it take to experience every aspect of life as endlessly fascinating, or magical? Plane tickets to exotic locations? Perhaps soft music under the moonlight? If you observe a child, you’ll see that they are able to find endless joy in even the simplest of places. The way in which we perceive the world […]

Challenge 71: Infinite Potential

May 24th, 2011Posted by admin

Stop.  What time is it?  Find a clock… we’re about to take your mind for a test drive so buckle up.  You’re sitting now, how far away from your current position do you think you could move in the next two seconds?  Seriously, this will be fun… imagine that watch hand ticking once, and twice. […]

Challenge 70: Moving Forward

May 17th, 2011Posted by admin

Have you ever made a simple mental slip?  We’re talking about something basic like grabbing orange juice instead of milk… suddenly you find yourself about to pour Florida’s finest on your breakfast cereal, it’s only then that you realize something is out of place.  There’s a sudden internal shift that takes place when we realize […]

Challenge 69: Influences

May 8th, 2011Posted by admin

Happy Mothers Day from the BestMe!  We all owe our lives to our mothers, we truly wouldn’t be the people we are today without them.  From the time of our first steps, our mothers have been there to help us up when we fall, and gently guide us on a path towards actualization.  When it […]