The Challenge

Every Sunday we release a new set of weekly challenges, and those individuals who are daring enough to take the test receive a message containing detailed instructions.  These challenges are geared to push through your personal boundaries and well beyond your comfort zone.  Take heed, this lifestyle is not for everyone, only those with a firm resolve for personal growth should consider signing up.

Upon successfully completing a number of challenges you’ll be provided with access to the Best Me library and archive.  Once you’ve proven yourself to be an individual who’s truly dedicated to a life of actualization, you’ll be invited to join our ranks in shaping the future of the Best Me.  Take note, the Best Me lifestyle is not a quick-fix solution to personal growth. We are not promising anything. The challenges will not take up much of your time or require any monetary investment, they’ll simply require deep inner strength and personal resilience. We’re not interested in monetary gain or shortcuts to wealth, we’re interested in building a community of like minded, passionate, individuals.  If you think you have what it takes, follow the link below:

Take The Best Me Challenge

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’ve all come to rely on certain “security blankets” to carry us from day to day.  A certain amount of security is necessary and healthy, but if we’re wrapped up too tightly in these blankets, all we can really do is poke at life with a stick.  The Best Me Challenge seeks to Vigorously root out these security blankets and shine light on an awareness that the “correct” path is often the one which completely intimidates you.  As you assess your daily life, think, which activities contribute to your growth as an individual, and which activities simply fill up your time?  Be brutally honest.  It’s possible that some things you’ve picked up along the way may imply growth, but are essentially lacking in quality.  It’s all too easy to become a passive recipient in our media-driven information-saturated culture, we’re all guilty of procrastination and mindless web surfing from time to time.  Here at the Best Me, we believe it’s time for a change.