Challenge 68: Visualizing Success

May 2nd, 2011Posted by admin

What do you think would be the most difficult part about running a marathon?  Try to envision the entire process in your mind, from rigorous training, to pushing yourself through the final mile.  Now imagine yourself crossing the finish line in a blaze of glory, carried forward by a thousand supportive onlookers.  What do you […]

Challenge 67: Crunch Time

April 26th, 2011Posted by admin

To many, the onset of Spring is about renewal, a cleansing process that brings about a new outlook and new beginning for the months ahead.  For others, especially college students, April’s final days mean overwhelming stress, strict deadlines, and the future held at stake to your performance on one test, presentation, or project. We’ve all […]

Challenge 66: Incubation and Non-Action

April 18th, 2011Posted by admin

Our 9-to-5 world places an emphasis on definitive answers and hard facts.  It goes beyond a cultural bias, to the very framework of the language we use.  The Japanese word mu does not have an exact cognate in the English language, it roughly translates as “nothing” or “no thing.”  In Zen and The Art of […]

Challenge Email 65

April 18th, 2011Posted by admin

We’re about to hand you the golden keys to the kingdom.  Seriously, with this knowledge you will be unstoppable, and you’ll swiftly accomplish everything you hope to do in life.  Are you ready? Prepare yourself… The first nugget of golden wisdom is this: show up.  If you say you’re going to be somewhere at a […]

Challenge Email 64

April 18th, 2011Posted by admin

How do you reason with a child?  Experience has taught you that eating cookies before dinner can ruin your appetite, but this concept completely eludes the young mind.  Trying to convince a child to clean up their toys can be next to impossible, and next thing you know the hand is in the cookie jar. […]

Challenge Email 63

April 18th, 2011Posted by admin

The average American throws away four pounds of solid trash per day (totaling 1,460 pounds per year), uses 1,664 cubic meters of water per year, consumes 4.7 pounds of food each day, and generates 20 tons of carbon dioxide every year. We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about our legacy as a […]

Challenge Email 62

March 22nd, 2011Posted by admin

We’ve all heard the euphemism that we should live every day as if it were the last day of our lives.  The energy encapsulated within this romantic notion is positive and uplifting on the surface, but lets face it… if we lived every day as if it were our last, we’d never go grocery shopping, […]

Challenge Email 61

March 22nd, 2011Posted by admin

Nail biting. Lack of sleep. Tapping. Overeating. Pacing. These are all behavioral patterns that result from one simple cause: excessive worrying.  Anxiety has strong evolutionary roots.  If you’re in the forest and you hear a strange rustling, your heart will begin pumping more oxygen in preparation for fight or flight.  In this moment your senses […]

Challenge Email 60

March 22nd, 2011Posted by admin

If you had the option to not work another day of your life, would you take it? Through some divine intervention, a deposit will be made into your bank account every week to afford a relatively comfortable lifestyle.  Never again would you need to fill out paperwork, report to your boss, or wake up for […]

Week 59 Challenge Email

February 28th, 2011Posted by admin

What started as civil unrest in the remote African country of Tunisia has erupted into millions of people throughout the Middle East and Africa taking to the streets to fight for their freedom and control of their future.  If these sights have taught us anything, it’s that both civil society and all aspects of life […]